Our online Reading platform Beanstack now has an Alexa skill, which makes it even easier to keep track of the time or number of books you are reading! If you don’t already have a Beanstack account, visit the Beanstack website or download the Beanstack Tracker for Android or Apple devices to set up your account before logging time with the Alexa skill. Then follow these simple steps to set up the skill on your Alexa-enabled device and start logging your reading:

  1. Enable the skill by either saying “Alexa, enable Beanstack Tracker” or searching for “Beanstack Tracker” in the Alexa Skill Store.
  2. If you enabled the skill by voice, access the skill from your Amazon Alexa App and Choose to Link Your Account.
  3. Search for ‘Central Mississippi Regional Library System’ when prompted.
  4. Click ‘Log In To Your Account.’
  5. When you receive the message “Beanstack Tracker has been successfully linked” you may close the app or website.
  6. Using Alexa, SAY “Alexa, open Beanstack Tracker” and follow the prompts to log minutes for Summer Reading! Because Beanstack allows families to track multiple readers in a single account, your whole family can use Alexa to log their minutes.

If your family has multiple Alexa devices at home, you can use the same Beanstack account across devices or connect each device to a different account. The Beanstack Tracker for Alexa only logs reading time or titles; you can use the app or website to log completed activities.