CMRLS Administrative Office – Phone: 601-825-0100; Fax: 601-825-0199

Mara Polk, Director, Ext. 101;

____________, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 100;

Paula Thornton, Business Manager, Ext. 102;

Helen Mangum, Technical Services Manager, Ext. 103;

Samantha Staggs, Cataloging Librarian, Ext. 104;

Felicia Kennedy, Acquisitions Librarian, Ext. 105;

Reynaldo Yabut, Computer Technician, Ext. 106;

_________________, Coordinator of Public Relations, Ext. 107;

Carrie Brown, Coordinator of Programming, Ext. 108;

Kimberly Cook, Coordinator of Branch Services, Ext. 109;

Carlos Jones, Coordinator of Automation and Technical Services, Ext. 110;

Logan Reeves, Courier Services

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