300 Social Sciences, Sociology, & Anthropology

301 Sociology & Anthropology

Sociology – a collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of sociology.

305 Groups of People

305.26 Senior Citizens

Assisted Living in Mississippi – from Caring.com

Assisted Living – from Caring.com

In Home Care – from Caring.com

Nursing Homes – from Caring.com

Independent Living – from Caring.com

310 Statistics (Collections)

World Populations Statistics

314 General Statistics of Europe

Eurostat – your key to European statistics.

320 Political Science

330 Economics

340 Law

348 Laws, Regulations, & Cases

Caselaw Access Project: Harvard Law School – includes all state courts, federal courts, and territorial courts for American Samoa, Dakota Territory, Guam, Native American Courts, Navajo Nation, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Our earliest case is from 1658, and our most recent cases are from 2018.

350 Public Administration & Military Science

360 Social Problems & Social Services

361 Social Problems & Services

ReliefWeb – the leading humanitarian information source on global crises and disasters.

362 Social Problems of Groups of People

362.586 Counseling and Guidance

Free Legal Resources in Mississippi – Unless otherwise indicated, the organizations listed on this page provide services to people living throughout Mississippi. Nove of the organizations represent individuals in criminal proceedings. For more information about how to access legal help in Mississippi, contact the Mississippi Access to Justice Commission at 601-960-9581 or visit www.msatjc.org. The Mississippi Access to Justice Commission provides overarching, unifying support for the legal aid system in Mississippi.

370 Education

200 Free Kids Educational Resources: Lessons, apps, books, websites, and more. (a list of links from Open Culture)

PBS Learning Media – Free PreK-12+ grade for science, social studies, math, and English language arts.

371 Schools and Their Activities

371.26 Test Taking Skills

ACT and Other Test Prep Resources

372 Primary Education

ABC Mouse

ABCya – Leader in online educational games for children, grades K-5.

Brain POP Free Stuff – Free activities and games on Brain POP, a subscription site.

Clifford the Big Red Dog


Highlights Kids

The Magic School Bus

National Geographic Kids

NGA Kids – National Gallery of Art introduce children to art and art history.

PBS Kids – Public Broadcasting Service kids show characters in games and activities.

Random House Kids – Lots of fabulous games and activities based on your favorite Random House books. Games and activities are free.

Seussville – Games and activities based on books kids probably already know.

Wonderopolis.org – Lots of fun for curious minds.

372.358 Technology General

Explain that Stuff – A free online science and technology book.

373 Secondary Education

Mississippi Virtual Community College

374 Adult Education

Building Skills 4 Work – Offers free online training and skill building using the interactive lesson in real work situations.

380 Commerce, Communication, & Transportation

390 Customs, Etiquette, & Folklore

391 Costumes and Personal Appearance

392 Customs of Life Cuycle & Domestic Life

392.5 Wedding customs

393 Death Customs

394 General Customs

394.26 Holidays

Thanksgiving from Library of Congress: Primary Sources

Thanksgiving: Smithsonian Institute

Thanksgiving Traditions from Kids National Geographic

Veterans Day: History.com

Veterans Day: Remembering Thier Selfless Service to Our Country

Veterans Day: What is it?

395 Etiquette

398 Folklore