The Central Mississippi Regional Library System Board of Trustees deems it in the best interest of the Central Mississippi Regional Library System to exclude any person from the use of the library who willfully or persistently violates any rule or regulation prescribed for the use of the Library or its facilities or any person whose physical condition and/or behavior is deemed dangerous or offensive to other Library users.

The following conduct, behaviors, or resulting effects are not permitted within the library:

  1.  Disorderly behavior of any kind, including loud conversations, excessive noise, running in the building or otherwise causing a disruption to the peace and order of the library environment.
  2. Vandalizing or defacing library materials or property including books, audio-visual materials, furniture, walls, computer equipment or facilities.
  3. Removing library materials, equipment, or property from the building without proper check-out or authorization.
  4. Putting feet or legs on library furniture; rearranging or disarranging library furnishings or equipment.
  5. Indecent exposure, voyeurism, exhibitionism, or other lewd or lascivious acts.
  6. Bringing firearms or other deadly weapons into the building except by authorized law enforcement.
  7. Harassment of library users or staff, either verbally or through actions. This may include verbal abuse, use of profanity or other abusive language whether oral or written toward other library users or toward library employees, intimidation, staring at or following another person in the library with the effect of annoying a person of reasonable sensibilities, sexual harassment or harassment on account of race, religion, ethnic background, gender, or sexual orientation.
  8. Not wearing appropriate clothing. Shoes and shirt must be worn.
  9. Bringing a bicycle into the building.
  10. Using skateboards, in-line skates, roller skates, scooters, or other sports equipment in the building or on the grounds.
  11. Bringing animals into the building, except those used to assist an individual with a disability.
  12. Lying down or sleeping in the restrooms or any floor, couch, table, or seat in the Library. Blocking aisles, exits, or entrances with personal possessions or by sitting or lying down in them is prohibited.
  13. Using restrooms for personal grooming such as bathing or shampooing, shaving, haircuts, doing laundry, or changing clothes.
  14. Bringing bedrolls, suitcases, blankets, shopping carts, and similar articles into the library.
  15. The consumption of food and beverages.
  16. Smoking or other uses of tobacco or tobacco products or use of electronic cigarettes (“vaping”) in the library or in the immediate vicinity of the entrance.
  17. Possessing or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  18. Gambling.
  19. Blocking library entrances or exits.
  20. Selling products or services, soliciting for personal gain; or approaching library users for the purpose of obtaining signatures for petitions within the building.
  21. Posting or distributing unauthorized literature. Approval must be obtained in advance from the Library.
  22. Using a cellular telephone, audible pager, audio equipment, audio-visual equipment, or computer equipment so that it disturbs others.
  23. Neglecting to provide proper supervision of children. (See Unattended Children Policy)

This list is not all inclusive.  All incidents will be evaluated on a case by case basis as determined by the seriousness of the situation.  Branch Managers may request that a user leave the branch library for the day.  The CMRLS Board of Trustees has the final authority to temporarily or permanently revoke the library privileges of a user.


POLICY APPROVED                                                                                         DATE:  June 27, 2006

AND ADOPTED BY: The Library Board of                                 REVISED: February 28, 2012

            CMRLS                                                                                   REVISED: August 28, 2013

REVISED:  May 24, 2017