Phone: 601-825-0100    Fax: 601-825-0199
Mara Polk, Director, Ext. 101
Carrie Brown, Administrative Assistant, Ext. 100
Paula Thornton, Business Manager, Ext. 102
Helen Mangum, Technical Services Manager, Ext. 103
Samantha Staggs, Cataloging Librarian, Ext. 104
Felicia Kennedy, Acquisitions Librarian, Ext. 105
Dorothy Vance, Coordinator of Public Relations, Ext. 107
Kathy Roberts, Coordinator of Children’s & Youth Services, Ext. 108
Kimberly Cook, Coordinator of Branch Services, Ext. 109
Tammy Jones, Coordinator of Automation and Technical Services, Ext. 110
Carlos Jones, Computer Technician, Ext. 106
Alice Johnston, Support Services
Joe Benton, Courier Services
Clarence Gilbert, Courier Services