Questions submitted regarding Cabling RFP

Is there a color preference for the CAT6 cable in wall and floors?  I see blue specified for all of the patch cables. No color preferences for cable in wall and floors.

Is it possible to have building blue prints with dimensions for both facilities? Will be provided at walk-through, and at links above.

Is the bid due date still scheduled for 03/26/2019 at 10:00 AM CT? Yes

Can I get a copy of any addendum that have been released to date? This is the page for any updates

Can I get a copy of the planholders list, if available? Not available

Are union bids required? No

Do the faceplates at Pearl Public Library need to be stainless steel?  Yes, the current faceplates can be re-used or they can be replaced with other stainless steel.

Do the jacks need to be flush or angled? No preference, they can be changed to flush. 

Should voice be terminated in the patch panel for a future move to IP phones or in the termination block?  To patch panel and then back to termination block.

Will the vendor install patch cables or will library staff?  Library staff will install patch cables.

How detailed are we required to get in the proposal?  Example of what we would submit in a normal situation would be 244 drops including All required Cat6 Cable, Keystone jacks and stainless steel faceplates….$X,XXX.00 total;  XXX Cat6 patch cables per RFP….$XXX.00 Is this sufficient information or do you need something different? This is fine.  The only additional thing to add here is the Manufacturer, if known and the Model, if known, of the equipment, because that is asked for in the E-rate application.  If it is not provided in the quote, I can choose Other on the application.   Otherwise, this is sufficient.

Are your network switches segmented into different vlans or are the switches using managed ports on each switch?  Will the existing switches be staying in place?  Is it permissible to relocate the switches on the rack so there is less of a mess for the patch cables?  We could move the switches, as it is a flat network, no VLANS.  I have adjusted the quantities of patch cables (in the Addendum), and added a 24 port patch panel, as we would now need it.   The preferred arrangement of the patch panels and switches down the rack is now to have patch panel/switch, patch panel/switch, etc.  

In the case of rearranging the rack.  Does that need to be spelled out on our part as being included as part of the scope of work?  Since you indicated that you have a “flat” network, installing the patch cables would be part of a normal installation as far as we are concerned.  It is not part of the required work, and does not have to be spelled out.  



Firewall RFP

Would you please clarify the following: Regarding your bandwidth requirement of 2GBPS is this raw firewall throughput before security services are added? Or, do you require a minimum of 2GBPS after security services are added such Gateway Anti-Virus and Intrusion detection/prevention systems?  We are requesting a minimum of 2GBPS after security services are added.