100-199 Philosophy & Psychology


100 Philosophy & Psychology

Aeon: Ideas & Culture

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy –  Key topics and philosophers in all areas of philosophy.

The Ism Book – A field guide to the nomenclature of philosophy.

Occult Glossary

Simply Psychology

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

110 Metaphysics

120 Epistemology

130 Paranormal Phenomena


Bewitched: 5 Real Witches in History

Complete Horoscope – Classical astrology links.

Dracula’s Homepage – All about Dracula and vampires.

An Exploration of Modern Monsters

Paranormal Research Forum

Salem Witch Trials

Witchcraft and Witches

Witchcraft in Salem Village

UFO Documents Index

140 Philosophical Schools of Thought

American Humanist Association

150 Psychology

160 Philosophical Logic

170 Ethics

180 Ancient, Medieval, & Eastern Philosophy

190 Modern Western Philosophy

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