400 Language

Rocket Languages – Must have CMRLS library card. Learn any of 15 languages including American Sign Language, free.  There are downloadable audio lessons, tests, and games, our pronunciation-perfecting voice recognition tool and more …

duolingo.com – Learn any of 21 languages for free.

Learn 48 languages online – Open Culture created this list of websites for learning 48 languages, online – free.

403 Dictionaries

International Morse Code – Translator, trainer, decoder, and phonetic alphabet

Merriam-Webster Dictionary – The most trustworthy dictionary and thesaurus of American English, word games, trending words, Word of the Day,

Oxford Dictionaries – Thesaurus, grammar, and word origins.

Rhyme Zone –  Includes the functions of a rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, and spelling checker, …

Your Dictionary – Your dictionary the way you want it; definitions you understand.

410 Linguistics

420 English & Old English Languages

428.34 English as Second Language: Audio/Visual Approach

Free Online ESL Games

Learn English with English Class 101 – Free

Rocket Languages – Use CMRLS Library card to access, free

VOA Learning English – Free

430 German & Related Languages

440 French & Related Languages

450 Italian, Romanian, & Related Languages

460 Spanish, Portuguese, Galician

470 Latin & Italic Languages

480 Classical & Modern Greek Languages

490 Other Languages